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Ok, I’m totally in love with the early Netherfield tweets. Not only have they convinced me that Darcy had feelings for Caroline, they also show contrast to who Darcy is in most of the videos we see him in. As viewers, we only get to see post-revelation Darcy (and angry Darcy for like 3 minutes) but through these, we can see he really was as snobby and standoffish as Lizzie made him out to be. And you can also see him start to fall for her, and Caroline noticing and not liking it one bit. Great stuff!

EDIT: :O  That’s a lot of notes! Wow, I did not expect that. It’s great that so many people cared enough to write something, even if it didn’t agree with me. I can see where everyone is coming from,you guys are brilliant. Of course I think Lizzie’s portrayal of Darcy is exaggerated, I guess I had bad word choice there. But he wasn’t always charming and nice to her, or to people he didn’t respect in general. But really, I’m so honored (uck pepsi) that people were inspired enough to respond so thoughtfully and in depth to this. You’re all amazing!

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    bleugh, pre-lizzie darcy
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    Aaaaand rereading these tweets have kept me up until three am writing a plan for a multi-chap Darcy/Lee family-centric...
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    Oh wow, I never saw these. I wish I had, because Costume Theatre Darcy by everyone who isn’t Lizzie is AT MOST awkward...
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    You’re not alone. The fundamental point of the narrative is that Darcy ISN’T worthy of the level of venom that Lizzie...
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    So maybe I’m alone here, or just a horrible person, but I also didn’t think these tweets made Darcy seem like an...
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    Loved reading this interpretation of the early Netherfield tweets, and I think glamaphonic is spot on. Also just loved...